Provide recipient emailaddress using a token in the document

Dear all,

Cool tool!

Would very much like to provide a recipient’s email address by way of a token in the document, or even better, in the document’s file name (say in brackets).

It appears that one should be able to have a token such as:

[[[UserTokenName:targetEmail]]] somewhere in the document and then in the settings under send email section assign the token User:targetEmail in the recipient field.

However, it does not seem to work. If I print a document (containing the token info) neither does Outlook show any recipient email address in the respective field (the field stays emtpy) nor is the UserTokenTag removed from the document.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


the user token feature is only avaialbe in the business version and needs be be activated under “actions”, did you perhaps use the freeware or not activate the action?
The feature is currently still in beta so it is also possible that something went wron on our end.

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Dear Robin,

I was using the freeware version!