.PS Files & Closing the program after prining



i am using PDF Creator from Access 2007 to print many files including
1-Access reports
2-Excel Files

additionally and the i need to print also 2 more files that i can get them in 2 formats either .ps or .pdf

the problem i had faced is when i print the pdf file the code stops until i manually close the acrobat . and this is not good way spcially when i am using long loop to print many files .


and while i used ps files with (cAddPrintjob)  it works ok until i add another type of file like pdf to the combination list then the  out put will include error page .


now i am asking 

1- how automatically i can close the adobe reader after print the file 



2- how i can use the ps files with no problem with other files combinations.







I have this exact same problem.

I have tried reader version 8,9 and 7 as I thought it was created when adober changed version 8.   No Luck.  If you have found a solution please let me know