Purchased PDF Architect 6 Pro - Features are NOT included

On 4/4/18, under "Dennis Ashendorf," we upgraded to PDF Architect 6 Pro Perpetual License. We keep Architect 6 Pro current. However, when I want to use features like "EDIT," an upgrade page is launched to make me pay again. NOT HAPPY. Please authorize features so that I can edit documents and export them as Microsoft Word documents.


sorry for the trouble.
We would never block any of the features you paid for, it must be an unexpected technical issue.
Did you let PDF Architect 6 uninstall all previous PDF Architect versions during the installation?
Otherwise one of the older versions might still be your default application for opening PDFs and your license will only activate all features in PDF Architect 6. Did you receive a new license key when you purchased the update and did you enter it into PDF Architect 6 (or login into your account, if you are using an account)? I can only point out some general issues, if this doesn't help please contact the PDF Architect support:

Best regards