Pure text via LPR to PDF Auto-Save?

I have been a very happy user (and administrator) of PDFCreator for years: Its' by far the best PDF tool for Engineering paper sizes I've ever come across.

My responsibilities are taking me out of Engineering and further into Enterprise IT. I now find myself the administrator of an IBM iSeries (AS/400) host: Not wanting to deal with the learning curve and change management of InfoPrint, ASPF, et al, I'm hoping to create PDFs via PDFCreator (server) and LPD.

All of our iSeries printing is via LPD, mostly to JetDirect and compatible devices: We recently implemented LPR on our Windows 2003r2 print server... That's working beautifully for a number of iSeries queues.

I decided this was an opprotunity to play with PDFCreator in its' server role, however I'm running into trouble: Being fed raw text, PDFCreator makes a single, blank page of 3kb in size. It seems getting the iSeries to output postscript is going to be a challenge (and a change-management worthy change) so I'm  hoping to contain txt2ps->PDF duties on the Windows print server.

I have enscript.exe loaded and am playing with pre- and post-processing Actions, currently to no avail. Anybody break this learning curve yet? Any pointers?


Does any body find out a solution for using Iseries--> Pdfcreator (windows) ????


I have been testing and i have seen that Iseries force the Data Type to RAW so windows doesn`t matters if you setup the Winprint processor is  like TEXT.  I find this printing with the printer paused. Then i open the "%windir%\\system32\\spool\\PRINTERS\\*.SHD" with notepad a i have seen that the data type was alway RAW.  Beacause of this PDFCreator makes a single, blank page.

Does any body knows the solution? How to force changing in windows or Iseries too???