Questions regarding stamps/watermarks and filename templates

Hi there,

first of all I’d like to apologize if a question has been asked already. I searched for a few terms, but couldn’t quite find what a was looking for.

Recently I decided to finally update my pdfcreator to version 2.2.2 from a really old build (I can’t remember the build number, but it was before the huge re-writing of the application began). Getting used to the new interface was no big deal, but I have two things that I can’t manage to do with the newer versions, and I believe both things worked in the older versions:

Stamps / Watermarks

I believe that in the older versions od PDF Creator, I could create stamps that worked like watermarks. Let’s say I’d like my document to have a huge “DRAFT” watermark to appear behind my document - in that case I’d create a stamp in the old version, and it would put the stamp behind the actual text - just like a watermark.

However if I create a stamp in the new version, the text won’t appear behind my document - instead it will display itself in front of my text. The stamp function clearly states that the stamp will be put on top of the document, but I’m wondering if there is any way to create a watermark like in the older versions? As the stamp appears on top of the documents, it covers up my text and makes it unreadable in some cases. Does anybody know how to accomplish something similar to a watermark, or is that function gone?

Filename templates

This one is no big deal, but I’ll ask anyway if you don’t mind. I noticed that the created pdf files suggest the following filename when saving: : " - ". Let’s say I have a Word file called “Test.docx”, and I’d like to create a PDF document with PDFForge - in that case PDFForge will suggest the filename as “Microsoft Word - Testfile.docx”

I can see that in the settings (section “Document”), there are templates for filenames, and the correct template would have to be set in the field called “Title”. I can see that the token is the defaul one, which displays the application name and the filename as stated above. Let’s say I’d simply like the title of the document to be “Test.docx” instead of “Microsoft Word - Testfile.docx” - would there be a way to do that? I searched for the right token to replace the token, but i can’t seem to find a suiting one.

Printers keep disappearing

From time to time my PDF Creator printer will disappear by itself, and I’ll have to add a new one from the application’s settings. I tried searching the Windows Event Log to see what causes the printer to disappear, but I had no luck. Are there any Logs that you guys would know of that might help me investigate further? As I don’t immediately notice the disappearance, I can’t say where it comes from without searching through logs I guess…

Thank you guys a lot for your time and your effort, and have a great day!