Quickbooks - no form lines & text headers

Good morning, 
A couple of years ago I installed PDFCreator v 1.5 to get around the problem Quickbooks Small Business 2010 / 2011 has of not being able to save forms (Invoices / Adjustment Notes / Statement etc) to be sent directly via email - an issue Quickbooks is aware of.
In the last couple of months I have noticed the forms have not had the lines and text headers that help to make the reading of the forms make sense.  The forms are complete when viewing in the Quickbooks form setup (Custom), and also if physically printed.  Today I downloaded your version 7.1.2 to see if that would fix the problem.  It hasn’t.  Are you able to provided any suggestions to rectify this?  Aside from this new issue, I have had no troubles with your product and appreciate both its usefulness, and freeness.  I am aware there are other products out there which I can install, and uninstall this one, but I would like to continue with your product as it has been easy and trouble free up to a few months ago.  Cheers, Di.


did the problems start after updating from version 1.5 to another version?
If this is the case and you didn’t experience any other problems in that version, it is still available on sourceforge.
You could also try our new PDFCreator which was completely rewritten in C#, it is still in beta but might solve the problem.
If you choose to downgrade to version 1.5, make sure to uninstall the existing version and restart your computer beforehand.