Re-print a sheet of paper


 Dear all, 

Thanks to this community and the creators of PDF creator for a wonderful product.
I really love this product, but as you guess already that is not the reason of this post.

I would like to be able to do a re-print on a single sheet of paper like I could do with a normal printer.
Let me explain this more in detail:

I print a word document, on this document I keep blank space on top where I want to have something printed from another program.
Now i print the word doc, and take the paper from the printer and place it back in the paper tray.

Now i print again with the other program, and i have both the information i wanted on a sheet of paper.

I was wondering how I can do this with a PDF other than print and scan.
Is this possible, and if yes, how?

Hope someone can give me a tip to do so, else, perhaps it's nice to have a virtual tray in the PDF printer where we can place pre-printed PDF's


Kind regards,


Hendrik Kroon




what comes first in my mind is to use the watermark-function. Maybe there is a better solution.

Save the first print as "print01.pdf" 

Save the second print as "Watermark.pdf"

in C:\\program files\\pdfcreator\\scripts\\runprogramaftersaving you find a vbs-script called addwatermarktopdf.vbs. Take a look a this script.

Install pdftk in the location defined in the script and call

"addwatermarktopdf print01.pdf".

The name of the watermarkfile is defined in the script as the constant name watermark.pdf

Give it a try  and let me know the result.

In a second step this could be automated by using 2 printers with different profiles.