Regarding the MSI container and deployment issues

Most people are seeking to deploy the MSI and come across issues after capturing the product because the printer driver doesn't work (once dissasembled and re-assembled, it typically doesn't work).

Capturing/deploying the application isn't hard, it's the driver that is complicated.  What if you (or is it ghostscript?) were to provide an .INF file or details on how to construct the custom port and printer so that this can be done 'externally' if required?

That way, people can snapshot your installer into an MSI/App-V/{whatever} container they require, and can then install the printer component directly?  What is it that the application does to create additional PDF printers - how can that be made 'external' to the application to aid 'the deployment crowd'?

This may cause some redesign or marshalling components apart to cater for this.