Remove page borders on 2-up printing - how?

Is there any way to remove the page borders when printing multiple pages per sheet?  I'm trying to produce comparable output to what Acrobat 8 produces.

PDFCreator v0.9.8 under Windows XP SP3



I guess you are using the n-up feature of the printer driver?

this is a bit tricky. Of course, this is theoretically possible, but it requires some PDF manipulation and such.

So there is no automatic or easy way, as PDFCreator does not know about the size of the borders.

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Thanks for the answer.  Yes, I was using "n-up" under Layout.

Found part of my own answer for the Acrobat 8 boys.  Acrobat 8 will give you multiple pages per sheet in 2 different fashions.  The first one you see is "Zoom" which produces a multi-page sheet w/o any borders.  The second one is "n-up" under Layout, buried a couple of steps farther into Properties.  "n-up" behaves exactly like your "n-up" feature and adds page borders.

I'd been asked to produce matching output from the people using PDFCreator to the ones using Acrobat 8.  Answer:  Not from here.

Thanks again for the time and answer.