Return code -100?


I need to create an unattended installation of PDFCreator 2.2.1 but I got an error code -100 when I test my installation.

here are the steps I did:

downloaded the source file

ran PDFCreator-2_2_1-setup.exe /? to see the available switches

ran PDFCreator-2_2_1-setup.exe /saveinf="some_file.inf" to generate the inf file

ran PDFCreator-2_2_1-setup.exe /LOADINF="some_file.inf" /verysilent /norestart /log="some_log.log"

now I tried it and everything was good. PDFCreator starts, I can change the settings, create a PDF file, any operation that a user could do without any issue.

now the fun part: since the PDFCreator-2_2_1-setup.exe returns an error code of -100 instead of 0, I'm afraid that something is wrong that could backfire to my face sometime in the future. there is no error in the installation log file or in the event viewer of the test computer.

why is that error code -100? is there something I should check, do, investigate?

thank you for your help!


this indicates that the printer wasn’t installed successfully, probably caused by the /norestart parameter. This can break the functionality if the printer driver or monitor is updated, which isn’t always the case.

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