I use PDF Creator to make PDF files from AutoCAD but when I use A3 format (420x297 mm) the PDF document isn't rotated.
When I open the PDF file the result is correct, but 297 is horisontal and 420 is vertical. How can I rotate the result 90 degrees?

I discovered it's the same thing when I use A4 format.
It's when I use Landscape instead of Portrait that the PDF file is displayed wrong.
Is it possible to solve this? (the longest side along the bottom of the screen)

I know you can rotate in Adobe Reader, but then I can't save the file...

not really a fix for the issue inside of PDF Creator but you can use PDFsam for rotating PDFs and other PDF Split and Merge issues


Original images are in profile, but PDFCreator makes them landscape. What settings preserve original configuration?

 I've found that if you create a pc3 file in AutoCAD, and edit the custom properties via the pc3 editor, you can force a landscape orientation.  The caveat is that you cannot use standard named sheet sizes and have to add the sheet sizes via window's print server properties.  Highlight PDFCreator in windows printers list and from the file menu select server properties.  Then you can check the box to create a "new form".  Enter the dimensions so that it is a roatated sheet.  In our circumstances we use an Arch D sheet, so the width is 36 and the height is 24.  Give it a name and make sure to select this custom sheet in CAD.