Rotational Error in printing document

I have tried using v1_0_0 and v1_0_1

I am experiencing a problem in that when printing an existing PDF the first page of a document is rotated relative to the following pages of the document.

I first experienced this in trying to combine selected pages from multiple PDF documents into one final document.

The problem can be reproduced in the following manner using notepad, create a document with at least 3 pages and save it. Print the file using PDF Creator. I used "portrait, letter size" Now open the resulting 1st generation PDF document and print it. The resulting 2nd generation file will have the first page rotated. If this 2nd generation file is printed, the resulting 3rd generation file will have the first page is back in it's original orientation, but with loss of data at the bottom of the sheet. Also, the 2nd page is now rotated relative to the rest of the pages.

I searched the forum for a correction and the only answer I found was to revert to v0_93 which will not install on my Vista_32bit computer.

Is there some configuration that will correct this error?
Or, is this a bug?