Running 1.9.3 as a service

I am testing version 1.9.3 as a shared printer/service on a network.  The server it is on is running Windows Server 2008 R2.  All of the clients are running Windows 7 64bit.  The application works fine locally, but does not work as a shared printer.  Is the server option in version 1.9.3?



currently, there is no server option and we did not test PDFCreator as a shared printer yet. I would have suspected though that it should work. I will write a ticket and we will look into that.

The (network printer) behavior I observed on 1.9.3:

I upgraded from a network printer install of 1.7.1, I think, so the printer already existed and was shared.

The service that I previously had set up no longer started, so I left it NOT STARTED; no instances of PDFCreator running.

I WAS logged onto the machine with PDFCreator installed (I’m hoping that doesn’t matter)

When I printed to the PDFCreator printer from a different computer, it launched PDFCreator as the SYSTEM user.  (I assumed that was intentional behavior :-)  )

The Windows 7 Interactive Services prompt came up, and it allowed me to access the PDFCreator print dialog, from which I was able to access the Settings.  Since it was running under the SYSTEM user, they were all defaults.  I set the settings properly for AutoSave.

Now, it seems to work fine; with no PDFCreator instances running, I can print from a different machine (it happens to be a VM running on this machine, but I don’t THINK that is relevant), and I get a PDF.  It apparently is able to spawn an instance of PDFCreator in the same way that it happens when printing locally.

(Sorry for the double post.  I got “Error Parsing String as XML”, so I assumed it didn’t post the first time).