Runtime error

hi, after starting pdf architect shows message window - 

MS C++ Runtime Library 
Runtime error 
Program: C:\…way to PDF Architect.exe

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual waz.
Please contact team for more info.

How can I solve this problem?
Thanks for the answer


please try if the following steps solve the problem:
1. Authorize in Windows account as administrator.
2. Check if the Windows Automated updates function is enabled and all the updates are installed. Ensure that there is no msiexec.exe process in the list of running processes. If it is on the list restart OS.
3. Close all the windows and applications.
4. Uninstall PDF Architect
5. Install PDF Architect again. At the last step of installation uncheck the option "Run application"
6. Go to Start -> Run-> services.msc /s
7. Make sure that services “PDF Architect Helper Service” and “PDF Architect Service” are started. If not then start them.
8. Run PDF Architect. If you have a slow processor and/or there is little RAM, then wait couple of seconds for application to start.