Save a PDF file to an SVG -- I get PDF Creator Not Responding

Hi:  I have Vista 64Bit System.  I download version 0.9.9 and installed it.  I open a PDF file in Adobe Reader v 8 and go to print >  I change to PDF Converter > I select Current Page > Ok.  The window PDF Creator window pops up > I click Save > Save As Pops Up > I decide where I want to save to > Change my File Extension to SVG > Save ...Then the Fun Begins...

PDF Creator Icon Appears and then the message "PDF Creator Not Responding" and then I seem to be in a never ending loop (my mouse appears to be working.  When I look to see where I saved my file the file appears to be there but then I try to bring it into my Make the Cut program and doesn't work and I again run into the never ending loop.  I have been struggling with this ALL DAY!!  I am so frustrated.  Can anyone help me PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE :)



I have a similar problem. I use 1.2.3. PDF Creator still doesn t create a valid svg-file


I have Windows 7 64Bit System.

I have the same problem. With the 1.0.2 version I can print svg (not all cases), with version 1.1.0 can not print svg.

Can anyone help me, please.



I am also trying to save to .SVG, but I get the "Winows has encountered a problem" dialog box and shuts down the conversion process. The file remains in the que, but it resets itself to .PDF and will not continue till next print command. I have Windows XP 32-bit.