Save and print 2 copies

I define 2 Copies in the printer definition. With Windows Testpage this
works fine. When I use Word or my aplication I only get 1 copy. I can
define 2 copy in Word, but then I get the save dialog of pdfcreator

Windows 8.1 german, pdfcreator 2.0


there is currently no option for this, but we are interested in how you would be using this.
Would you like to print to PDFCreator to get the same PDF twice? Or to get 2 copies on paper with the print action?

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We’re trying to do the same thing!

We have a client that always sends us 1-page PDF files.
When we handle the order, we need to create a new PDF file with 4 copies of the original like so:

input.pdf (1 page)
output_4pages.pdf (4 pages)

The output file, we send to a warehouse who needs the 4 copies. For some reason, they always forget to choose “4 copies” when printing the original “input.pdf”, which is why we’d prefer to do this for them to make sure they don’t forget!

Hi Robin,

I also waiting this option. I think, than there should be two options, like you describe, and pdfcreator users will set them up as needed. Lets say I have document consist form one page, and need to print to pdf file over PdfCreator, I  and i choose to print 2 or more copies of document (standard windows function in printers), I should get one file and two (or more) pages in it.
Or in other option, I will get two (or more) pdf documents with one page in them.

Can we expect this kind of properties set?

Thank you in advace.