Save as dialog pops up all the time in endless loop


after an upgrade from windows vista to windows 7 i had problems with pdfcreator.

i uninstalled it and installed the newest version of pdfcreator. it's working but printing let the "save as dialog" pop up all the time. i mean: i choose save in the dialog and it's saving the pdf file but after that the save dialog appears again (and again and again...). i have to kill the program with the task manager.

what i call "save as dialog" is in fact the dialog from pfd creator where i can choose save, email, wait etc.

anyone knows help?


Yeah.  This happened to me when the PrinterTemppath key in the Registry got set to point to a directory (inside Program Files) that Windows wouldn't let PDFCreator empty.  Used regedit to change the key to point to a directory PDFCreator could delete things out of.