Save as jpg/png - landscape


Using PDFCreator for a long time, but I'm running into a problem for the first time.
I've got an Excel document in landscape oriëntation, but when I print it as png or jpg, it comes out as portait. I need to open it in paint and rotate it manually.
If I print it as PDF, it keeps the landscape oriëntation, no problem there.

I've seen some older posts with similar problems, but no clear solutions.
Hope there is a solution to this.

Kind regards,

Hi William,

I'm afraid we're unable to determine how an image file should be created.
You could use a script to rotate the files using the "Run Program" action.
However, you'd need a third-party tool to rotate the file via the command line.
ImageMagick ( seems to work quite well as long as there is only one output file per print job:

Hi Florian,

Thank you for the solution. It's a workaround, but ImageMagick is very fast.
This will do for sure.

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