Save edited forms in Acrobat Reader versions lower then XI

I bought PDF Architect 2 Pro to create forms that users can fill/edit and save. But Architect only can do this with Acrobat Reader XI what excludes all users with Windows lower than Win 7.
I know that there must be a way to create PDF Forms which can handle saving also in lower Reader versions then XI, because I use a form of a insurance company which I is able to do so … and that since Acrobat Reader 7.x!!!
Where ist the button, trick, or whatever enables this feature in older Reader versions?


most likely it is a compability problem, some versions of Adobe Reader only work properly with forms which were created by an actual adobe product which explicitly sets the permission to be able to save forms with Adobe Reader. This is no longer the case for Adobe Reader XI. Can you try opening the form in a non adobe reader like foxit or sumatra? I know it probably isn’t a solution, but if this is the problem I am afraid there is not much we can do about it.

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