Save Merge List?

Is there a way to save a list of files that will be combined into a single pdf?
example, in PDF Print Monitor I have a list of docs to merge, and I
update some of the docs, can I save the list and then recombine and
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I am afraid this isn’t possible, you could write a script which does this though.
If the docs are all in the same folder (or you can store them in the same folder) you can use PDF Architects free create module for merging them all easily.

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Thanks for the reply.  Batch File/Command line works for me.
Could I ask you the syntax to merge the following into a single pdf:

D:\Projects\GoogleDrive\ADir\Train-The-Trainer\One of my files.docx
D:\Projects\GoogleDrive\BDir\ONBC\Class evaluations\Another File.docx
D:\Projects\GoogleDrive\BDir\Forms\Reimbursement\Also a spreadsheet.xlsx

Thanks a lot.