Save permanently owner password

I've been looking for the solution for a very long time but I couldn't find a solution...

With PDFCreator (Ver. 0.9.8) I regularly create my PDFs protected from copy and modification using the special flags that are in Printer > Options > Formats > PDF > Security; When I save the PDF, after the application of the file name, a password is typed in (Owner password). Well, there is a flag that allows the temporary save the pasword for the current session.

The question is: does someone know if it possible to permanetly memorize the password and not only for that session ? I would like to memorize the password and then being able to modify it in the future.


Don't know... but would be useful... It would also be useful to have the PDF format security options applied when using the "Automatic recording" option (in french, this option is called "Enregistrement automatique").

Help file -> The Options Menu -> PDFOwnerPasswordString

Hope this helps.


Thanks Frank, tries immediately : -)