Save pop-up is gone for users

I have been using the PDF Creator for awhile now.

A few weeks back I did an upgrade to version 1.0 while we also did a my documents redirection change to a new server.

Now, when a user tries to save a pdf, there is no pop up on their screen.  The pop does occur, but on the server.  I have resorted to using auto-save for now but I dont see why it no longer asks the user where to save it and only shows it on the server.

Today I removed and then installed 1_0_1 server install.

I just tested and it and it is the same result.  I get the pop up from the server if I try to save as a pdf from the server.  If I do it from a client machine, there is no pop up on the client.  The pop up is on the server.


Any thoughts as to what I am doing wrong?

Yep, here is a suggestion:  Stop coming to this site since you are the only one checking on your post!

No suggestions?