Saved File Name Dropping Last Portion Containing Period

Installed PDFCreator 2.1.0 and had this name issue begin. Trying to save a file using this name:

2015-03-30_(2) College Books (Anya)$120.91.pdf

but saved name truncates the last portion and is saved as this name:

(2) College Books (Anya)_$120.pdf

I must go back and manually edit the name back to the name desired (in this case, by adding “.91”). This was not an issue with prior version.

Wanted to point out one more observation about program behavior in addition to what I pointed out above. After
printing, using the PDFCreator settings, the created PDF file should open in a PDF reader (PDF Architect by default). However I disabled the “Open PDF files
with PDF Architect” checkbox in the Actions section of the PDFCreator print settings.

After clicking the “Save” button
and providing a file name (e.g. 2015-03-30_(2) College Books
(Anya)_$120.91.pdf), I get an unexpected dialog box saying:

> "No application is associated to open PDF files."

However, once the file is created, I am able to double-click the PDF file (created by PDFCreator or any other PDF file) and it opens using Adobe Acrobat Reader as expected.

If this helps, when I install PDFCreator, I either de-select PDF Architect (“Custom installation”) or I select the “Compact installation” method - neither of which installs PDF Architect. If I do a “Complete” installation (which includes PDF Architect), this dialog box will not appear, but the created PDF file opens in PDF Architect which ignores my program association setup for PDF files to Acrobat Reader.