Saving new files by pressing the ‘Return’ or ‘Enter’ key after naming the file

Last version of PDF Creator Plus (3.4.1) able to allow saving new files by pressing the ‘Return’ or ‘Enter’ key after naming the file.

Now, the newest PDF Creator Plus (3.5.0) can only save new files by clicking the 'Save' button with the mouse. Pressing ‘Return’ or ‘Enter’ key no longer works.

To my knowledge, this is the second time that this problem appears with a new version. Could the developpers issue a fix in the next version and make sure it sticks please?



thanks for reporting this, I can reproduce it here.
I will create a ticket in our system and think there is a good chance it will get fixed for the next update. As a work around, you can press s instead.
Probably the behavior changed as the "save" button now offers a drop-down with multiple options, which means it actually broke in a different place as last time (resulting is the same issue, though) and the automatic test covering the code therefore didn't detect it. Sorry for the trouble.

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