Saving PDF with Particular File Name

Good afternoon,

I'd like to save a PDF with a particular file name and forego having to work in the PDF Monitor.  Here is what I have tried:

in VBA:Shell ("c:\\WINXP\ otepad.exe /p C:\\ForPDF.txt")

in command line:Pdfcreator.exe /nostart/pf"C:\\ForPDF.txt"

I thought about using /IF and /OF but these work on ps files.  I don't know how to automatically create ps files.

I'm pretty certain that PDFCreator is setup as a local printer.  I get an error in the command line when I use the function: pdfforge.exe/checkinstance.    The version number I am using is 1.4.1. When I continue to click on next step,  I get the message "Check program instances. PDFCreator: Global PDFSpooler: Global TransTool: Global.  

What do you recommend I do?




can you please update to 1.6.2 and post a screenshot here if the problem still exists?