Saving Wordle to .svg results in black background and black fonts

I am using PDFCreator 1.5.0, Windows Vista 32 and chrome browser.

I want to save my Wordle ( as .svg file with PDFCreator. But when I do that it doesn’t work quite as it should. It saves the file to .svg but all the words are black and background is black(and it should be in color and white background). When I edit .svg in Inkscape I manage to delete black background and then I can see all the words but as I mentioned they are black instead of colorful.

When I save same Wordle in .pdf and then open that .pdf in Inkscape it works fine. I can then save it to .svg from Inkscape but I’m not sure if I get the same .svg file that I should be getting. It looks like normal .svg file so I think it works but I’m not 100% sure.

Anyway I would like to save it to .svg directly with having to convert pdf to svg in Inkscape. Anyone have any idea why I get black background and black words?