Security - Password protection


I am trying to password protect PDF's that I create via you program PDFCreator. I have followed the instruction in the programs help file to enable the security fuctionality that the program offers. I have created a PDF file with you program and it is protected against being opened, i.e. password is need to be supplied. In terms of applying security to the PDF there is no issue.

The issue I have is that I am not being asked to provide password at time of the PDF being created via PDFCreator as stated in the help file "PDFCreator will ask for the passwords for user and/or owner when it is in the process of creating the PDF". This is a major problem as I am unable to open the PDF after it has been created.

Could you please provide details as to why I am experiencing this issue and options for how to resolve.


Kind regards




have you maybe set a default password in the hidden settings?

That would cause the behaviour you described.

Otherwise please provide some more information, like which PDFCreator version are you using and which encrption settings are set.