Security Problem - Convert Text to Bitmap or Curves


we automatically create lots of PDFs from an MS access database with personal data (adress, phone-number...) of our members. Unfortunately Google now finds and scans our PDFs (although they are not linked on our homepage). So you can find the personal data of our members in Google!

Is there any possibility to convert the text to bitmap or curves/pathes, so nobody can search and scan the documents any more? The only way I found is to encrypt the document using a password. But then our members have to know and enter a password. So this is not a good solution.

Older versions of PDFcreator and FreePDF created PDFs that can't be searched. And if you copied some text to other applications you didn't see the text but weird characters. I dont know if this was an option or a bug of GhostScript.

Does anybody have a solution to this problem?


Tobias Plettenbacher


you can convert any printable file to an image (bmp,png,jpeg…) with PDFCreator.
You can choose the default format for saving in the “Save” or “Autosave” section of the PDFCreator options.
If you prefer to have unsearchable PDFs, you can create a second PDFCreator printer with standard output format PDF.
To create a second printer, you will need to start PDFCreator with admin
rights. Now create a new profile for the second printer.
Enable “print after saving” on the first PDFCreator printers profile (with image output) and set it to print to the second PDFCreator printer. This way the file will first be converted to an image, before converting it to a PDF and all text inside the PDF will now actually be an image and not searchable.