Selecting PDFCreator set it to grey printing

Changing the actual printer to PDFCreator from a delphi application using code (Printer.PrinterIndex:= 3 instead of opening a system printer dialog for the user to select it) set it to grey scale printing (under the basic printer properies, not in any PDFCreator options).

It happends with different PDFCreator versions, and in different windows versions. It doesn't happen with any other printers, just with PDFCreator.

Could be a problem on Delphi7 printer mangement mixed with something unusual in the printer driver, it is the most possible cause.

Anyone have had similar problems? Any workaround?

Thanks a lot in advance,


After trying to solve it many ways, without any success, I finally come to a nice solution: use "bullZip PDF Printer" instead of PDFCreator solves it all, and it is easiest to use from my app. and equally flexible (also use goshtscript), so now I support both printers in my apps.