Sending files to the server instance of PDFCreator from a command line

I want to send documents to the pdfcreator on my print server. It only works if I use the standard printer selection window from inside the app.
What I want to do is print to my PDF Creator ‘printers’ from a script.

For example, I have a printer named as ‘InvoicePrinter’ and I have the default ‘PDFCreator’ shared on my network. I want to send files to these printers from a command line. I cannot use the PDFCreator command line options such as

PDFCreator.exe /PF “MyInvoiceFile.txt” in my scripts as PDFCreator lives on another machine so my only access to the printers is via the standard print functionality.

I have tried setting my default printer to be ‘InvoicePrinter’ and just put the line Print “MyInvoiceFile.txt” in my script but nothing seems to work. Any ideas?

I guess what I need is a client PDFCreator that knows how to pass my request to the server…