Server 2008 license re key after upgrade

I just upgraded our terminal server 2008 from standard to enterprise and it is telling me my key is now invalid.

I cannot login to your portal and when I entered the login email to retrieve the password I did not get a response. I tried to request again but the request was denied the second time. Now when I attempt to login the account is locked. There is no way to contact support that I can see. Even though your website says premium customers get priority email support. What is the email? I need a new key asap. I even used the form based contact page but even that doesn’t work. I have numerous employees that need this product


I am not sure why all the forms on our website failed, which browser did you use?
You can reach the priority email support under support(at) , or leave the name/email under which the server is licensed here (or pm it to me) and I will reset the activation count for your license, the enterprise edition of Windows has a different serial which causes our license server to assume a new machine.

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