Server 2012 R2 + PDF Creator 2.1.2 - networkprint - no function

G’Day, I’veinstalledPDF Creatorandcreateda Profile whichissupposedtosave theprintedPDF in a sharedFolder. This works, onceI printlocallyfromtheServer, but not whenI sharethePrinter andprintfromanotherPC. UnfortunatellyitLooks like, theprintMonitor isntlongeravailablewithinthenewVersions, so I’mnot evenabletoseewhathappens. Windows Spooler getsthefileandForwards it. Then- it’svanished. Do youhaveanyadvice? Cheers!


I’ve installed PDF Creator and created a Profile which is supposed to save the printed PDF in a shared Folder. This works, once I print locally from the Server, but not when I share the Printer and print from another PC. Unfortunatelly it Looks like, the print Monitor isnt longer available within the new Versions, so I’m not even able to see what happens.

Windows Spooler gets the file and Forwards it. Then - it’s vanished.

Do you have any advice?