Server auto-save not working

Yesterday, I installed PDFCreator v1.4.1 on a virtual server running Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard SP1.  As this will be working with a software package to generate reports in PDF form, I installed the printer in server mode and set the auto-save feature to output to D:\\Reports\\.

To test the output, I logged into the server via Remote Desktop and printed a web page to the PDFCreator printer.  The PDFCreator Print Monitor opened and I see the job in the Print Monitor as just "Waiting".  Nothing is in the Windows print queue for the printer.  No files exist in D:\\Reports\\.

The Print Monitor says the spool filename is C:\\Windows\\Temp\\PDFCreator\\Spool\\A4F78BBA81304B0EBD95072D0CD8AC8E.inf.  I have found this file as well as at that path.

I decided to double-check the auto-save settings.  I went back into the settings and noticed that the "Use Auto-save" check box was unchecked and all of my settings on that page (such as the custom filename and output path) were reset to the defaults.

I have done some testing and noticed that if I open PDFCreator (which opens the Print Monitor), press the Settings button, set auto-save as I desire, then press Save, then re-open the Settings, my auto-save settings persist.  However, if I close the PDFCreator Print Monitor and re-open it, auto-save appears as disabled.

I have tried to launch PDFCreator and PDFCreator Settings by right-clicking and pressing "Run As Administrator", but this has no effect on solving the issue.

This server is close to a clean slate.  All that is installed is the SNMP Windows feature, a program called Yardi Service Manager, PDFCreator, VMware Tools, and Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection.  We do not do any customization of environment or other system variables.  We do not completely disable UAC via the Local Security Policy console, but we do turn it down to Never Notify which is described as "Choose this only if you need to use programs that are not certified for Windows 7 because they do not support User Account Control".

Please help.  I know PDFCreator, when working correctly, can solve our use case and don't want to have to purchase a licensed PDF printer.

Please uninstall PDFCreator and install version 1.4.0 or wait for version 1.4.2. There is a problem in version 1.4.1 for the serverinstallation.