SFTP Automation in COM interface failed to login

Hi to all,

Anybody has tried the SFTP Automation in COM interface? I added my sftp account with a certificate but it still failed to login. My code is below:

    Set pdfjob = PDFCreatorQueue.NextJob
    With pdfjob
        .SetProfileByGuid ("DefaultGuid")
        .SetProfileSetting "Ftp.AccountId", "20d435d5-3845-4879-95c1-fc0d563d80f5"
        .SetProfileSetting "Ftp.Enabled", "True"
        .ConvertTo fullPath
    End With

I tried connecting with other FTP clients and I can verify the connection.
What did I miss? Thanks for helping.


I have not tried SFTP automation in COM interface myself. Do you get any error (log) details? Does it work with any other application?