It's a shame.

I used to recommend PDFCreator to a lot of people, because once it was just a good software.

It's not to say that it is not a good software anymore, it is about what the product has become. It has become a malware or adware installing bundle of crap, that causes NOD32 and other tools to issue messages about mysterious web ccesses during installation, like mickeyfastdl, and others.

It is about these oh-so-useful must-have toolbars that are installed sometimes even without consent of the user. Just google a little and you will find enough users that have experienced that as well.

No, it is not about the fact, that you obviously earn big money via Ads. That's fine.

But it is about the fact, that you are obviously about sacrificing the credit from your users for money. It is about the fact, that you - despite earning money from crappy adware - you still have the chuzpah to ask people for PayPal donations! What for should I want to donate? For more crappy toolbars, adware and installations that are blocked correctly(!) by anti-virus tools?

And last not least, it is about the fact that I cannot even write this text in your forum website (I use a text editor)m, because the text field is partially hidden behind .... what? ... of course an ad-banner!

I think I will never again recommend anyoune PDFCreator. I will recomment them not to upgrade and instead use another tool.

PS: if you had asked to pay for PDFCreator a fair amount, I would be happy to do that. But the way you are going seems not to be a good one.


+1 on the proliferation of pitfalls during install.  Amazon, toolbars, PDF Architect and the image pdf thing… who knows what is going on behind the scenes.  I hate to install upgrades because it’s so much work, reading the fine print and un-checking options!  The trend is definitely not good.  If it gets too bad I’m switching to CutePDF. :frowning:


there is nothing being installed “behind the scenes”. There is a single offer screen from our advertising partners (the screen you are shown depends on your location, this is why PDF Creator accesses the internet to load it), , where you can choose whether you’d like to install the additional offer or not.
If there is any offer screen you find unclear or missleading, you can always contact us and we will review it and change it if needed. The PDF Architect and Images2PDF are optional components, which can be deselected from the “components” list during the setup.
Thank you for pointing out a banner hiding your text field, I don’t see this here but our admin will have a look at it.
Using a /silent or /verysilent setup will by default install without the advertising offer, you can
additionaly use the /components parameter to install only selected components. 



Your advertising offer in your installer is misleading. The advertising partner’s interface actually seems to hijack your installation process and it’s not clear that it’s an optional installation, not needed to run your product. 90% of people installing your product will not realize they are installing another product they would not normally install if they were made aware that it’s not a necessary component to run your software. The offer screen must clearly shows that this is an optional install and must not default to being installed if people are not careful.


which offer are you referring to (it depends on location)?
I can’t imagine many people believe amazon toolbar or opera browser are necessary components to run our software. As I said above we will review any offer screen which causes problems for users, but we can’t do this without knowing which offer you are talking about.

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Well I was just offered to upgrade to 2.0 when I went to print a PDF with PDFCreator and it installed  Opera and it was not clear there was a selection to prevent it. However after uninstalling Opera (I dislike Opera)  it left my system messed up, not only did it slow my computer down to a crawl for 10 minutes during the uninstall it changed my Default Browser setting to IE and needed to reboot. I know the reboot itself does not take long, but I had to close down all my work and reopen it after the reboot, basically out 30 minutes of work time.  Needless to say I am not happy.


thank you for the feedback, this should of course not happen. We will have a look at the opera offer.and have it redesigned if necessary.

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