Sharing PDFCreator between Windows 7 and XP Mode

We have multiple PCs running Windows 7 Prof 64-bit and the XP Mode virtual machine.  When we install PDFCreator version 1.1.0 in Windows 7, it shows up as a printer in XP Mode as "PDFCreator on XXX" (where XXX is the Windows 7 computer name) on some PCs but not on others.  All the PCs are running the same version of Windows 7 with the same patches on Windows 7 and XP and the same version of PDFCreator???

I have the same setup, Windows 7 Professional 64-bit w/XP Mode.  I installed PDFCreator on Windows 7 AND on XP (within XP Mode).  It works on both modes (7 or XP).

Do you understand what I mean?