Sharing printer causes error

Using Windows 7 in VMWARE workstation, I ran into this error:

1. Install 1.9.3 & create printer OR use default
2. Change profile to save document you can choose to “Show progress” or not
3. Create a file name template & enable auto saving
4. Share printer via windows & restart spooler to make sure everything is set
5. Print to the local printer - no problem
6. Print from another computer using the shared printer causes:

First POPUP: Interactive Services Detection

Then when you click to view:

Screen switches to Session 0 and shows PDF Creator dialog box asking for the Metadata.

It appears when printing via the share, it ignores that I’ve set the profile settings:
1 - uncheck "show progress…"
2 - check "skip print dialog…"
3 - check "Enable automatic saving"

Can’t show the screenshot here but this link from MSDN blog discusses the issue


sorry this got overlooked, is the problem still present in version 1.9.5?

best regards