Silent Install Fails with v3.2.1 FREE Edition


Hi I am trying to create a silent installer for the free version of pdf creator. I found an old thread and created a bat file and an ini file. I don’t want to accept the install for architect and I want to bypass downloading of additional files. I have removed the /VERYSILENT tag to test. Please help its driving me nuts.

Bat File

@ECHO PDF Creator Install Silently

“%~dp0PDFCreator-3_2_1-Setup.exe” /LOADINF="%~dp0pdfcreator.ini"
@ECHO Done

Ini File
Dir=C:\Program Files\PDFCreator



The .ini file has a few issues: Components should only include program, the rest is redundant or no longer available in the free edition.
The glish line should be removed completely, I think it got into there by accident.
The recommended method to create a proper inf file is to run the setup once manually with the parameter /Saveinf=file.inf
Also, you can no longer install PDFCreator Free silently, if the machine is part of a domain.
However, silent will hide any message boxes, so we can't display a warning/error message if the setup fails.
In any case a temporary log will get created in %temp%, which could help to track down the issue.

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I too could not install 3.2.1 free edition minus "Architect". Receive download error message. After several attempts on two computers I gave up and uninstalled.
Reinstaledl older 2.3.0 version and all is fine again.




there isn't anything that needs to get downloaded during a silent install, I wasn't able to reproduce this issue in a virtual machine which was disconnected from the net for testing. Did it say what failed to download?

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