Silent operation

How can I install PDF Creator so that it does not ask for a file name when you print?  After selecting PDF creator as the printer, I want everything else to be automatic, requiring no further action by the user.  I am trying to avoid multiple key strokes when PDF Creator is selected as the printer

Sal Scarpato


You can activate auto-save. Check the options.

1.  Same question:  What options in 'auto save' must be selected.  When attempting to print, the print monitor PDFCreator 1.2.0 window with the Save, email, cancel etc buttons always appear waiting for human interaction.

Pressing save, the SAVE As window opens waiting for the human to click the Save button again.

What is the setup procedure to avoid this?

2.  What option must be selected so PDFCreator writes over an existing .pdf of the same name?  Application is configured to create pdf with the same name nightly.  If the pdf name exists in the output folder, PDFCreator generates an error.

3. When multiple profiles and printers are created and associated with different profile-s, and different users prints to different printers, the same profile is used?  What must be done so the right profile is used with the associated printer?

4. I am a verrrry novice VB developer - is there a basic set of functions that must be called so PDFCreator successfully invokes the before/after scripting capability?  I wrote a .vbs that runs fine with cscript.  When I placed the file in the script folder - I don't see it from the Print Monitor gui.  I don't think print monitor actually executes the script.

Thanks for your reply in advance.