Simultaneously printing?

Is the way to Simultaneously print document on the physical printer and on the virtual pdfcreator printer installed on network?

Somethin' like this :

1. User send document to the physical printer.
2. That document prints on that printer and automaticly at the same time on the virtual pdfcreator printer

Pdfcreator printer is installed on the local network like and shared.

How to do that ?

Thanks in advance.




Any suggestion ?

Any suggestion ?


Maybe you should do the reverse :

1. User "prints" document to the PDFCreator virtual printer

2. Once the PDF document is generated, PDFCreator prints it to the physical printer.

One can easily do that in Options\\Program\\Print, where the "Print after saving" checkbox must be checked and something be chosen in the "Query user" list (either select a given physical printer for all prints, or have a dialog ask the user to choose a target). Not sure how it works on a network virtual printer (where would the dialog display ?).

Hopes this helps.