[SOLVED] BUG : TI Connect conflict

Hi there,

OS = XP Pro SP3. PDFCreator version = 0.98.

I found a conflict between TI Connect (the tool from Texas Instrument to manage your calculator from a computer) and PDFCreator.

=> The first time you print a PDF (on any user session), it re-installs TI Connect silently !!!!!! and then it prompts the normal PDFCreator screen.

Strange, no ?

It doesn't matter the way / the order you install these apps. I've tried everything, the bug happen as soon as both apps are installed.

Since it happens only one time per user session, it is not really annoying. But for system admin who want to deploy such apps on a network, it is much more embarrassing.

Any idea ?

This is a know bug from the Windows Installer. A wrong configured msi package can be the reason for such strange habit. MS deploys a tool called Windows Installer CleanUp Utility which can remove such software packages (not the application itselfs). -> support.microsoft.com/kb/290301










Thanks a lot, man !

It works. The bug comes from the MSI (TI Connect and PDF Creator are both using it).

Well, now I'm tryign to use msiZap to remove TI Connect setup entries silently. I've tried a "msizap TPWA! {CA04376B-A6BA-F246-20B1-EBD703D8F0D2}" but it does not seem to work.

It has been a pretty long time, but well, I finally got the solution.

MSIZAP command line parameters :

1. first you have to get the right CLSID corresponding to the prog. For TI-Connect


2. Then give the rights to admin (I dont know why, but you have to to it otherwise it won't work)

msizap.exe TWA! {A8B94669-8654-4126-BD28-D0D2412CDED6}

3. Finally, clean it.

msizap.exe TW! {A8B94669-8654-4126-BD28-D0D2412CDED6}

MSIZAP documentation is a crap, so I hope this will help.