SOLVED: Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop - PDFCreator printer redirection

Hello everybody,
I am trying to solve this problem: users connected
via RemoteDesktop on Windows Server 2012 cannot see PDFcreator as
redirected printer, although PDFCreator is on server installed

  • so driver is present (I assume). In “Event Viewer” I can see this
    error message: "Driver PDFCreator required for printer PDFCreator is
    unknown. Contact the administrator to install the driver before you log
    in again."
    Other printers (which have driver on server) are redirected fine.
    On Windows Server 2013 it is working prefectly…

    Does anyone have same experience and know what is wrong?

    Thank you for your answer
    Laube Roman

    EDIT: Do not know what I did but today it is working as expected. Maybe I was too tired to solve it yesterday :-). I am sorry for unnecessary question…