Some fonts result in totally blank PDF files

Hi there,

We are using PDF creator server for patient letter generation. Our letter templates are all MS word, which are then 'printed' to the PDF Creator Server print queue before being placed in a drop folder.

We started seeing the odd blank letter appearing in the drop folder and have narrowed the problem down to users inadvertently changing some of the text in the letter to a different font.

One such font is Open Sans Semibold but there are others. If I take a MS word letter with paragraphs, tables and logos, and simply change one word in the letter to use Open Sans Semibold before printing to PDF, I end up with a blank PDF document. Changing the font to say Calibri and reprinting resolves the issue.

We figured if we installed this font on the VM running PDF Creator server then it would resolve the issue but it does not. Help would be appreciated as these are patient letters for a hospital so we need to ensure integrity. We have 100's of users printing these letters and it's simply not possible to control the fonts they chose to use.

Thanks in advance.


sorry for the trouble.
I am not sure why the font isn't getting embedded properly, the only known reason is the fonts license not permitting this; but I assume this isn't the case for Open Sans Semibold. You can check the font's license inside the Fonts section of the Windows Control Panel.
If the license allows embedding the font, please contact our support and include a trace log of a single printjob which has missing characters in the output or produces a blank document. Do you create "regular" PDF's or PDF/A?

Best regards