Start screen seems to block printing

When I try to print via PDFCreator, the software opens a second window with the start page of PDFCreator, blinking in the task bar. This is fine for printing a file for the first time, but when printing the same document a second time, the typical screen when saving a document doesn’t appear, unless I close the starting screen of PDFCreator again.

This is only happening on one machine with the current version 3.5.1. On the other machines only the window showing the „Save“ Options opens up - closing immediattely after printing - but not the PDFCreator start screen.

How can i sesolve this? Let me know if you need more information.


soory for the trouble.
Please try to reinstall PDFCreator on the affected machine, most likely the print monitor didn't get replaced properly during the last update. Best uninstall, reboot and install again afterwards to ensure it isn't in use and can get replaced properly.

Best regards



thanks for the reply.

I tried reinstalling/rebooting multiple times already. Unfortunately still the same problem. :frowning: