Status "printed" in the windows spooler?

Hello, I posted this as a discussion, but it is more a question, so my apologies and here it is:

Hy there, 
First of all, this tool rocks ! It does 99,999% of what I need !

Now, for the 0.001%… I have a very special need (well, like everybody else, we are all special :wink: - anyway)

I am using an application that check that a document is actually printed before proceeding to the next one. For that purpose, in the printer property, I check keep documents after printing and the application then chack the status of the document and remove it from the queue once completed.

And of course I setup automatic name generation as I do not want human to interfere :wink:

So far so ggod, 
  • I send the printing
  • it goes in the spooler (printing status)
  • the document appears by magic in folder :slight_smile:
  • back to the spooler I see send to the printer instead of printed.
It is key for me to get printed as the other status is not final.

Any clue how I could achieve this ?

Thanks a lot in advance, Oliver

Hello, does anyone has any idea ?

It would be greatly appreciated !


do you mean the windows spooler or the PDFCreator print monitor?




First of all, thanks for answering me and also, Happy New Year !

I mean the windows spooler. I believe it is in the way the driver interact with windows as other, regular printer get to the status printed once printing is out (whether it is on a file or on paper).


happy new year to you:)

I couldn´t reproduce this here, for me all docs get the status “printed”.
Do you have the same printer settings as shown here? : (my working settings)



Hello, yes, I do have the same propertie window.

Looking at the print monitor, the document has been removed once the file (auto save is set) has been created. But looking at the printer queue, (I am in a french environment so in french at least), I still have the sent to the printer instead of printed.

As I need it in english (but I am testing on my own workstation), I will make some test on a server, may be it is only a matter of translation.

I’ll come back to you soon.