Strange auto-save behaviour


I encounter a strange behaviour in auto-save paths.

printer is installed as network-printer, auto-save is set to print to the clients computer.

Now every print is saved to C:\\ on the server though the variable is interpreted correct. example:

my computer: "MYPC"

defined path:   \\\\\\c$\\pdfs\\

defined name:  -

saved document:

c:\\pdfs\\documentname-MYPC.pdf (on the server)


I also tried to configure the path as \\\\MYPC\\c$\\pdfs\\ and it worked - so the security settings should be OK.


where to search next? still tried for 2 days now!?

PDFcreator 1.2.1 in use, installdir is C:\\pdfcreator on WinServer2008-64


Wolfgang S