Strange display behavior when using COM objects


i am evaluating PdfCreator, and trying to use it with old Visual FoxPro 9 language application.
i have tested PdfCreator 1.7.3 old release without having any side effects, using com events.
in order to use PdfCreator new framework, i am testing the new 5.0.1 release (still the same as 2.x).

there is a strange "bug", either on 5.0.1, and since 2.x versions (tested 2.0.3 for example).
as soon i instantiate PdfCreator.JobQueue, the look of my application changes.
i have to say that the test is done on a laptop, with its scale set to 125%
i have tested directly from the development environment, and from a TSE session / final produit (opened from my laptop).

here are some screenshots
in full size, you will notice the font color, bold, type change, and the missing icon + title from captions
you won't see it because i truncated the captures, but the applications size is reduced, i think from 125% to 100%

i will try with my laptop scale set to 100%
but our clients may be visually impaired and use such scales

i would appreciate any help you can provide me :wink:

here are development environment captures

Tested with scale set at 100%, and do graphics changes

might have something to do with DPI and the fact that PDFCreator is built with .Net, and a manifest file should be used ?

found that we alse made an ActiveX in .net framework using CefSharp and encountered a similar behavior.

we had several possibilities : call Cef.EnableHighDPISupport(); but with having some graphics glitches
use "disable-gpu" injected in chromium browser
we did not try a manifest file, but probably because of the language not able to handle these kind of files used in the compile process