Suggestion amélioration


Une petite suggestion dans la gestion des profils (super fonction :smiley: ).
Permettre de ré-organiser les profils pour une meilleur gestion.
Merci pour votre travail :smiley:



it is in theory already possible to do this, but only by directly editing the registry keys under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\pdfforge\PDFCreator\Settings\ConversionProfiles
The profiles will show up in PDFCreator from lowest number (top) to highest number (bottom).
You need to close PDFCreator before editing the keys.
We might consider adding an option to arrange them in the GUI, but currently it isn't on the to-do list.

Best regards



Une autre amélioration : la gestion du compteur automatique depuis l'interface utilisateur...




I will pass this along to our team; it could be a good feature, as there have been a few users who have asked how to reset the counter in the past and doing it in the registry isn't very user friendly.