Suggestion: Color Management

first of all, I would like to mention that PDFCreator has really improved during last versions. Particularly the profile management prepares the ground for sophisticated PDF conversion management.

But, there is still - from my point of view - a drawback compared to other PDF converters. The color management options for PDF output format are still in its infancy. Though there is now a option to choose the principal output color model (grayscale, RGB, CMYK), there is no option yet to choose color profiles (ICCs like sRGB, SWOP, FOGRA27 etc.), produce standard conform PDF/X files (most important: PDF/X1-A and PDF/X-3), or specify if and how color management should be applied to images.

That would be a great enhancement of PDFCreator!

I think, that import of ICC profiles should be possible from the beginning. And import of Adobe Acrobat job profiles (which contain all those PDF relevant settings) would be a great additional feature - but not necessary.