Suggestion: password randomizer


I have a little suggestion: right now when I print from MS Word to PDFCreator it gives me a prompt to enter a password for opening and a password for permissions (because I use PDF1.4 with 128bit encryption).

To protect the PDF as good as possible I set the permissions password to a 64 character password with the help of this website: (the open password is left blank)

This is because I want everyone to be able to open the files but not readily change permissions and because I want to make people who try to brute force the document for the permissions password sweat a lot ;-).

Now it would be nice to have such a function (password generation) as an option for the PDF format. E.g. I would like to have a tab in the PDF format options where you can say: add a random permissions password everytime and make it 64 characters in length including numerals and special characters (or whatever length PDF allows).

That way I would save some time instead of having to generate a new password via the website every time and c/p'ing it in the dialog box.

I certainly hope this is something worth considering for next releases!

-- deej

Hello deej,

my solution is the following:

PDF - security - Encryptor: PDFenc (*NOT* Ghostscript)

PDP - security - password: first field not ticked, second field ticked

After printing: if PDF asks for a password, leave the fields empty and press OK.

This works fine for me.


Best regards